Congratulations to Nathanial Long 2016 Scholarship Winner & 2017 Board Member

Congratulations to Nathanial Long one of our 2016 Scholarship Winners as well as one of our 2017 Board of Director Members, as Nathanial hold a Ex-Officio seat on our board representing the UAH Hardware Club.

Here's some more about Nathanial:

Since arriving at The University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAH) three years ago, Louisville, Ky., native Nathanial Long has been systematically laying the foundation for a post-graduation career in the international aerospace industry. "I’d really like to do something involving space station or extraterrestrial habitat design," says the senior aerospace engineering major. "I’m also very interested in numerical model development and optimization."

To gain hands-on experience and expand his knowledge beyond the classroom, Long first joined UAH’s Space Hardware Club (SHC); he knew the student-run organization would give him the opportunity to conceptualize, design, build, test, and fly flight hardware for space satellites, high-altitude balloons, and high-powered rocketry. Soon after, he managed to land a job with a Huntsville-based startup founded by Long’s fellow SHC members Mark and Eric Becnel and their older brother Daniel.

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