Changing Lives at Columbia High School

Columbia High School Robotics Team

Thanks to the Space Club's support:
  • Several students have discovered a passion in new career paths - some in STEM career fields like software engineering, machining, or designing parts in CAD, while for others it was in something like graphic design or project management (our business team won the Entrepreneurship Award for having the best business plan of the teams at their competition!)
  • We were connected with several students that were lower income / drop out risks and worked to engage them in the importance of their education and found ways to help at home and motivate them.
  • Our students saw their ideas go from whiteboard to reality and saw themselves empowered to continue this further.
We cannot thank you enough for your support - Columbia High School is a school which struggles heavily with poverty (the entire school is on a grant which provides every student free breakfast, lunch and dinner before leaving school), and a lot of our students do not come from families which push their students to pursue any type of career after high school, much less a college career.  The Huntsville Space Club is doing more than sponsoring a robotics competition - you're helping to change lives.

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