Great Things Happening for Browncoats, FTC Team 7842

On behalf of the Browncoats, FTC Team 7842, we would like to thank you for donating to our 2018-2019 Season. Your donation helped us pay for the fees associated with attending the 2019 FIRST World Championship held in Houston, Texas on April 16-20, 2019 where we placed 8th in our division of 80 teams.  We placed your logo on our robot, in our Engineering Notebook, on the display boards that we take to all competitions, and on our website.

Our purpose is to support a team that competes within the FIRST Tech Challenge guidelines and in FTC sponsored competitions. Participants learn engineering principles such as building, computer coding, technical and scientific writing, experimentation,  marketing, fund raising, group and team work skills, along with other STEM areas.  

For the 2018-2019 season, the Browncoats worked to spread FIRST and FIRST Tech Challenge throughout Alabama by participating in community events and by reaching out to local schools, churches, home schools, and engineering companies. Over 900 hours of outreach were accumulated by participating in these many events.

Once again, the Browncoats wish to express our sincere appreciation for the support received from the National Space Club of Huntsville.  We truly could not continue without your generous support.

The Browncoats
FTC 7842


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