Meridianville Middle School VEX Robotics

This season Meridianville Middle School had 3 VEX robotic teams that started with 15 members and finished with 12. In Alabama, high school and middle school teams compete together.
Therefore, the middle school teams were going against high school students.
Over the course of the season, the three teams participated in 4 qualification tournaments and in the Alabama state championship. In the qualification tournaments teams received the following awards:
Middle School Excellence Award (3 out of 4 tournaments),
Tournament Champions (3 out of 4 tournaments) and
Robot Skills Champion (2 out of 4 tournaments)
The teams placed 9th, 30th and 40th out of 60 teams in the qualifications. One team won the Middle School Excellence award and were tournament champions (paired with the Madison County High School team).
Meridianville's other team had the top robot skills point total which involves driver skills and programming skills. Those two teams are qualified for the world tournament and will be going to Louisville April 24th.
Congratulations to Meridianville Middle School VEX Robotics!

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