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The NSC-HSV's purpose shall be consistent with the NSC's. The purpose of the NSC-HSV shall be to:

a) promote United States space leadership through the media of conferences, education, the press, and other literary means without, however, carrying on propaganda or attempting to influence legislation;
b) stimulate the advancement of civilian and military applications of rocketry and astronautics and related technologies for the benefit of all humankind, and, if necessary, the defense of the United States against aggression;
c) bring together persons from the federal government, industry, educational institutions, the press and other walks of life, for the exchange of information on rocketry and astronautics, and promote public awareness;
d) provide suitable recognition and do honor to individuals and organizations that have contributed to the advancement of rocketry and astronautics.

The NSC-HSV shall stimulate the dissemination of information on the historical, educational, and business aspects of rocketry and astronautics, including but not emphasizing the technical aspects, which are properly the province of the technical societies.

The motto of the NSC-HSV shall be: "Pledged to United States Leadership in Rocketry and Astronautics."

The NSC-HSV may undertake to fund or arrange for the funding of:

a) Scholarships in rocketry and astronautics;
b) Lectureships on rocketry and astronautics;
c) Participation in or contribution to a Space Museum;
d) Activities designed to promote, encourage and otherwise stimulate documentation, analysis, and publication on the history of rocketry and astronautics, bringing to light the scientific, technological, organizational and human aspects of significant developments and their impact upon society.



Meet Our Board

Executive Officers 2021

Tracy Lamm, Lockheed Martin - Chairperson

Chrystal Morgan, ULA - Co-Chair Programs

Darin Lindon, KBR - Co-Chair Programs

Terry Abel, Lockheed Martin - Co-Chair Education 

Andy Johnston, Jacobs - Co-Chair Education 

Dan Schumacher, Torch Technologies - Chair Membership

Mary Occhipinti, MOOG - Co-Chair Marketing 

Mark Becnel, RadioBro - Co-Chair Marketing

Ed Faulkner, SAIC - Treasurer

Reggie Spivey, Teledyne Brown Engineering - VBMD Chair 


Maggie Lee Powell, Club Administrator 



Board of Directors 2021

Alicia Ryan, LSINC

Andy Crocker, Dynetics

Brett Alexander, Blue Origin

Carla Bossard, Aerojet Rocketdyne

Charles Scales, Sierra Lobo

Chris Crumbly, UTSI

Dan Merenda, RUAG 

David Burks, Boeing 

Donna Brown, Kord Technologies

Donna Coleman, Aetos Systems

Jerry Cook, ASRC Federal 

Jill Eskew, Northrop Grumman 

Jim Jennings, Omega Plus

Nan Hardin, Leidos

Sami Habchi, CFD Research 

Steve Cash, QuantiTech

Tom Koshut, UAH

Larry McDaniel, AAMU

Ex-Officios 2021

Phillip Wilkerson, UAH Hardware Club

Louie Ramirez, USSRC

Gary Willis, MSFC

Mike Ward, HSV Chamber

Lira Frye, USASMDC



To contact us:

Email: Maggie@spaceclubhsv.org