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Membership Dues Once Again Supporting STEM Programs

Galactic Geeks Robotics FRC Team 3319, Grissom High School

In 2021, the team was able to return to the shop and begin planning for potential tournaments. Despite not traveling to a tournament, the students had the opportunity to compete at school. COVID-19 has led to a completely new concept for the way the students play the game and compete. The team used the 2020 robot chassis and drive train for the 2021 robot design. Many new components had to be designed and built to be able to compete.

As you can imagine, there were many expenses involved in managing a high-caliber team. The clubs sponsorship with the support of our Members provided for the purchase of tournament registration fees, team uniforms, build materials and electronic components. Thank you to our Members, this is just one example of your dues at work.

We wish Galactic Geeks Robotics much success in the future and look forward to following your progress.

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