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About Space Club

The Space Club and Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to fostering excellence in space activity through interaction between industry and government, and through a continuing program of educational support. Through its programs, activities, and awards, the Space Club Huntsville  works to promote space leadership and education by promoting youth education activities that include scholarships, fellowships, internships, and educational programs. 


Pledged to United States Leadership in Rocketry and Astronautics.

How we do it
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Purpose of NSC


a) promote United States space leadership through the media of conferences, education, the press, and other literary means without, however, carrying on propaganda or attempting to influence legislation;


b) stimulate the advancement of civilian and military applications of rocketry and astronautics and related technologies for the benefit of all humankind, and, if necessary, the defense of the United States against aggression;


c) bring together persons from the federal government, industry, educational institutions, the press and other walks of life, for the exchange of information on rocketry and astronautics, and promote public awareness;


d) provide suitable recognition and do honor to individuals and organizations that have contributed to the advancement of rocketry and astronautics.

The NSC-HSV shall stimulate the dissemination of information on the historical, educational, and business aspects of rocketry and astronautics, including but not emphasizing the technical aspects, which are properly the province of the technical societies.



S.T.E.M. Education

Space Club Huntsville is involved with numerous local STEM educational efforts to further STEM engagement and outreach. 

Scholarships & Awards

We are committed to honoring individuals and groups who showcase a committment to STEM education, space exploration and support of our nation in the advancement in aeronautics and rocketry.

2022 Board of Directors

Executive Officers


Reggie Spivey, Teledyne Brown Engineering 

​Co-Chair for Programs

Jerry Cook, ASRC Federal

Chris Crumbly, Victory Solutions

Co-Chair for Education

Terry Abel, Lockheed Martin

Andy Johnston, Jacobs

Vice Chair for Membership

Dan Schumacher, Torch Technologies

Committee Co-Chair for Marketing

Mark Becnal, RadioBro

Committee Co-Chair for Marketing

Mary Occhipinti, MOOG

VB Dinner Chair 

Darin Lindon, KBR


Ed Faulkner, SAIC




Alan Villanueva, Canvas

Andy Giametta, Dynetics

Bobby Watkins, Barrios Technology

Bruce Morris, SNC

Charles Scales, Sierra Lobo

Dan Merenda, RUAG

Dave Weeks, Radiance

David Burks, Boeing 

Donna Coleman, Aetos Systems

Gerald Vines, AAMU

Jill Eskew, Northrop Grumman 

Jim Jennings, Omega Plus

Sami Habchi, CFD Research 

Steve Hanna, Onyx

Tom Koshut, UAH

Ex-Officio Officers 2022


Amber Porteous, 

UAH Space Hardware Club

Kimberly Robinson

US Space & Rocket Center

June Malone 

NASA Marshall Space Flight Center

Mike Ward

Huntsville/Madison County Chamber

Lira Frye

U.S. Army Space and Missile Defense Command

Burke Hare

Space Dev Agency

Emeritus Board Member

Tracy Lamm, Lockheed Martin


Maggie Powell

Club Administrator 

Vicki Morris, Face To Face Marketing

Marketing Support


Space Club Committees


Organizing events for our members


Recognizing outstanding  professionals and students in space


Branding, media, and website


Member services and recruiting

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