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Promoting Aerospace Exploration, Education and Advancement


The National Space Club - Huntsville, serves to promote United States space leadership in Rocketry and Astronautics.


36th Annual  Wernher von Braun

Memorial Dinner

Check out why the von Braun Memorial Dinner is the premier event of the year.

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Space Club membership has provided an effective means to facilitate professional engagement with regional aerospace company representatives as well as government, academic, and community stakeholders. Through our monthly breakfasts and annual events, networking opportunities are plentiful which in-turn allow for improved interactions so to serve internal and external customer needs, not to mention that it’s extremely rewarding personally. I’d highly recommend others to join!
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Terry Abel

Co-Chair, Education

I joined the membership committee because I think it’s so important to get the young people in our community to recognize what their options are. National Space Club is a very collaborative community – with the breakfast club and the activities that we have – that offers a way to get to know leaders in the space community, not just the government, but also contractor community. From a career perspective, it has really allowed me to get to know a lot of people and has even allowed me to mentor some young people that are just starting their careers or in college and help them out in their careers. Not every one has the access to what is going on in the space world. It’s really important to to me that they have access to the same opportunities that I had.

Dr. Dan Schumacher

Chair, Membership


What is the National Space Club?
The National Space Club Huntsville is a non-profit association devoted to excellence in space activity. The Club Huntsville prides itself in being the foremost entity of excellence in space activity through interaction between industry and government and a continuing program of educational support for high school and college students. Through its programs, activities, and awards, the Club works to promote space leadership and motivational activities for today’s youth.

How do I become a member of National Space Club Huntsville?
The National Space Club Huntsville provides multiple membership levels designed to meet the needs of individuals, aerospace associations and corporations.  Visit the membership page to purchase a membership. 

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